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Arabaa Foundation is a platform where like minds converge, exchange ideas and sharpen one another meeting the realities of contemporary times. We are on a crusade to spread the gospel of positive change in our society, ideas really rule the world. Our belief is that a little at a time goes a long a way.


This an Arabaa Foundation project designed to discover and showcase talented youth in rural communities for greater opportunities. Arabaa foundation in March 2017 in collaboration with Market Link a group of of passionate, skilled and well informed experts put together a training event to teach indigens who have passion in different emerging skills and designs such as beads making, fashion designing, Aso oke designing, chocolate production .This event was for 3 weeks with over 50 trainees in attendance.

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ARABAA IN SPORTS - We support and promote Sports.

Arabaa Foundation appreciates sport as one of the most important ways of transferring values to young people, and that active kids are less likely to be involved in drug use, crime or violence. We could well engender a participatory discussion with civil society using platforms like this to come up with a document we can call policy document and this medium can be used by the public sector to foster societal development. Sports builds community people (belonging together same team/group) and bridges people (connection to others) and institutions in ways that create communities of trust and resilience. Sport can therefore make a difference in social development.

Two sporting programs, we promoted:


As part of our community development efforts, we collaborated with – Abaj Sports Limited to organize the maiden edition of a programme tagged “ARABAANLA YOUTH SOCCER CLASSICS” that held from 8th -16th August, 2011 at Gateway International Stadium, Ijebu Ode,(U17 World Cup Stadium). We used this platform to promote the talents of our resourceful youths and showcase them for possible future career. This fiesta received wide recognition from prominent Nigerians including the Senate President, David Mark who donated the first place trophy and Mr. Akinsola Akinfemiwa donated the Fair play trophy. We also hosted international football scouts, managers and administrators from various parts of the world at the time.


We defined the purpose of this project as a reworking of the field to make it useful for football practice for players who want to play on natural grass. We are did this as social responsibility for the School and the Kingdom at large. We believed and still believe that this project will attract football teams like the state Sunshine football club and others to come to Ileoluji kingdom and we believe this should help the towns economic and social life. At the time, we the founder of Arabaa and the Aro of Ileoluji has discussed with Engineer Samuel Adegboyega , the chairman of the Board of Governors who has given his consent to proceed.


These days, we can hardly imagine our community without global effect. The usages of facilities like schools, shops, restaurants, modern markets and so on which requires communication with people brings us into multicultural environment.

It is clear that the usage of these facilities which reached us through globalisation became norms to our communities. Sport is not an exception, out of which the game of football or soccer has become a global phenomenon. One of the main reasons why football became so global is because of its expansion throughout the world.

Soccer being a “Global Phenomenon” is organized around the theme of tension between the globalizing impulse and the tenacious appeal of local attachments. Soccer offers one of the most interesting examples of that tension because it grew out of and is still, to a large degree, embedded in affective bonds to neighborhood, community, hometown, nation.


As part of making Ile-Oluji an ICT hub and bridging the world technology gap in Ile-Oluji Kingdom, the computer coding class was established mid 2018 with the aim of training secondary school students to meet up with the ICT world. With the help of Arabaa Foundation, three (3) corp members who majored in Computer Science and Software Development were employed to help execute the tasks. An ICT lab was renovated at St. Francis Catholic High School and equipped with the necessary facilities. Secondary School Students were basically trained on Python, Java and html. Late 2018, Arabaa Foundation set up another ICT lab to complement the previous one. The foundation has more than 50 students under computer coding.

Computer/ Network maintenance and repair:

We also introduced Computer/Network maintenance and repairs. Under this, students were trained in Laptops repairs. They learnt how to format Laptops/Desktops with any type of Operating System. Installation of software, update etc and also maintenance, repairs and installation of any type of network devices.


This is a continuation from the skill acquisition training exercise which begun March, 2017. The foundation will further set up a system of production and sales channels by empowering some of trainees with production materials and equipment to start their businesses and enable them become independent and self-sustaining in their various trades. Also the products that ensue will be promoted in the bigger markets beyond the region and even to international markets.

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